Face+ Eye +Body is a chic concept spa that's reinventing the organic spa experience.

Part Beauty Atelier, Part Formulation Lab, Part Whimsical Retreat that specialize in bespoke beauty services and skincare for your Face+Eye+Body.


FACE+EYE+BODY WAS CREATED by an UNCONVENTIONAL chemist , WHO WANTED TO CHANGE HOW WOMEN PRIORITIZE THEIR Beauty Health and skincare needs.  She felt WOMEN WOULD RATHER COVER AND CONCEAL THeir skin rather than treating AND healing the problems. Her goal was to become an advocate for clean beauty and to APPROACH it IN a  luxurious, PURE And NATURAL WAY. This approach IGNITED the creation of THE FEB SPA. HER PURPOSE  was to  revamp the definition of clean beauty into a fun, Luxurious, glamorous and  Chic environment, where women could be empowered and educated about their beauty health in a beautiful way.

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